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9 Month Old Holland Lop Bunny

$75 by Bookoo Fan in 31088, Feb 10
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9 Month Old Holland Lop Bunny in Warner Robins

This is Mash, my floppy-eared, people-loving bunny. I've had him since July, and I'm having to give him up due to big unexpected life changes, and I'm afraid I haven't been giving him the attention he needs. I purchased him from a breeder, so he was hand reared. He comes when called, loves to greet people, and gets along very well with dogs and kids. But I haven't seen him around cats. He doesn't bite or show signs of aggression, but he will nibble and lick. He is housed in a puppy pen rather than a cage because he needs room. And when he's not in his pen, he has a whole room to run around in. He's a master escape artist, so I keep his pen covered. He's not an outdoor bunny, and hated the couple of times I did have him outside just to get fresh air. I prefer someone with the time and space to care for him. He's low maintenance, but he does require things like fresh veggies, interaction, exercise and hay daily (like any bunny). He hasn't been neutered, so a companion may work in the future if he ever is. With all that said lol, if you're interested, feel free to contact me! He will come with everything, e.g. the rest of his food, his litter box, litter, puppy pen, water bottle, stuffed animal, etc.

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